About CAL

Founded in 1976, the CAL Group proudly maintains three areas of expertise:

1. CAL Cargo Airlines an all-cargo airline.  Our team of pilots boast tremendous experience flying to every corner of the globe, and our fleet of 747 400 open nose and door freighters support our operational speciality in non-standard cargo.

2. LACHS Liege Air Cargo Handling Services, located in Liege airport with a ground handling crew qualified in complex cargo payloads. At Liege, we own a state-of-the-art facility with highly automated amenities including a temperature controlled warehouse, high security clearance and a unique infrastructure that enables incredibly fast unloading and transport from airplane to market.

3. Road Feeder services throughout Europe and USA.   We hand pick our logistical operators and manage every aspect of the service for commitment, professionalism and transparency, providing fast response time for complex cargo and environments.

With almost four decades of experience, we offer the best possible solution to customers with non-standard cargo needs.  With a combination of expertise, proprietary vertical market products, dedicated human resources and retention of a unique infrastructure, we specialize in the service of challenging/complex cargo needs and environments. 

Why choose CAL?

  • Experience: Over 65% of our airfreight services require special handling through highly professional vertical products.
  • Infrastructure: Across our entire chain our fleet is parked right on the “waterline”, just in front of the warehouse (10-30meters) meaning exposure of temperature sensitive shipments to the tarmac is minimal. With a four-hour airline-to-truck assembly line service, we offer an incredibly fast rollout time from point of origin to point of destination.
  • Quality: We hold the highest industry accreditations including IOSA (CAL), and ISO9000 for LACHS – our ground handling agent. We are also Qualified Envirotainer and C-Safe Providers with the QEP and EQUIP accreditation.
  • Approach: 24/7 availability and company spirit- “can-do-ism”. Flexible approach, tremendous operational capabilities and fast response times. 
  • Scheduling: One of the most frequent EU-US-EU freighter services in the industry with daily flights and pickup/deliveries across Europe and North America. 
  • Network: Our own fleet, interline and code share agreements with 777 airline companies and global network of GSAs and partners expand our reach for both export and import. 
  • Transparency: Our professionals accompany you every step of the way with complete transparency: from booking to storage, shipment and land transport up to the arrival of your cargo at its destination. Proprietary interfaces offer ongoing updates to customers regarding status of shipments. 
  • Global Reach, Local Team: CAL is a global company offering localized services in English, German, Italian and French.

The LACHS advantage: Our air freight and cargo handling hub is located in Liege airport (LGG, Belgium), an intimate cargo focused “flexport” with 24/7 availability and no curfew. Located at the heart of the golden triangle (Frankfurt-Paris-Amsterdam), Liege supports non-standard cargo needs. Combined with our high-tech trucking capabilities we offer top tier door-to-door delivery across the US and Europe.

In the US, our team is located at six major American cities, including Atlanta and JFK Airport in New York, where we work with Lufthansa’s ground handling agent. From across the US, our representatives handle air cargo and ground transportation services to all European destinations.