Board of Directors

Offer Gilboa, Chairman & CEO, Control Owner Of CAL Cargo Airline
Chairman, Control Owner of Liege Air Cargo Handling Services, Belgium
Control Owner of Ace Aviation Group Malta.
Offer Gilboa has been leading CAL Group since 2010. As an active Chairman of the Board and CEO of Cal Cargo Airlines and as Chairman of Liege Air Cargo Handling Services , he has focused on spearheading the groups strategic expansion. During his tenure the group has developed from an Israeli focused company to a global active Air Cargo Group. The group has opened new routes, has rejuvenated its fleet, to include 3 B-747 400 freighters, and has developed its Logistics centre in Liege as a centre of excellence that attracts and serves various cargo airlines. Recently established Ace Aviation Group in Malta to focus on Aircraft Leasing Business and AirCargo Charter flights sales.

A seasoned entrepreneur with tremendous global experience gained through years of running organizations across countries and cultures, Offer is a well-known leader in the aviation and industrial arena .
Offer had spent many years in the UK as a managing director of Delta (London) Textiles limited. For over ten years he was CEO and Partner in the controlling group of Bagir Ltd., a global conglomerate with over 3000 employees in 7 countries, manufacturing and distributing high quality innovative tailored clothing to world class retailers, such as M&S and Brooks Brothers. For his role in turning round this organization he became Winner of the 2005 Israeli Manufacturers Association annual award. Previously Deputy CEO of Canit Hashalom Ltd., (The Azrieli Group), one of the largest commercial real estate companies in Israel. 
Offer holds an MBA in Finance and Business Strategy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is a member of the Israeli Bar Association, holding an LLB from the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Muli Ravina, Vice Chairman (CAL), Chairman of the Executive Committee (LACHS)

Muli has been an active board member at CAL since 2010, helping to define the corporate strategy and playing a critical role in the company’s growth.
A seasoned businessman, Muli Ravina boasts tremendous experience in raising funds, business development, research and development. He has held senior roles in key businesses including CEO at IPC Oil & Gas, CEO at Credit- Suisse Israel, President & COO at Ericom Software, Head of Private Equity at Singer Barnea Investment House and Assistant to the Director General at the Ministry of Finance.

Muli holds a BA (Economics) and an MBA from the Tel Aviv University.