Liege Hub

The core of our entire air freight and cargo handling operations is located in Liege (LGG) airport (Belgium).  An intimate cargo focused “flexport” with 24/7 availability and no curfew, Liege is the very center of gravity for CAL activities.

  • At the heart of the golden triangle (Frankfurt-Paris-Amsterdam) for quick accessibility to most of Europe
  • Short tarmac time
  • Supports special cargo needs

LACHS: Liege Air Cargo Handling Services

Our proprietary ground handling company is also located inside Liege Airport, further streamlining the cargo experience. LACHS owns a state-of-the-art facility including:

  • Temperature controlled warehouse
  • 16,000sqm of space
  • The largest capacity high loader (52 tons) in Europe
  • High security clearance

Unique infrastructure enables incredibly fast unloading and transport from airplane to market:

  • Across our entire chain our fleet is parked right on the “waterline”, just in front of our warehouse (10-30meters) meaning exposure of shipments to temperature and environmental deviations is minimal.
  • With our automated roller system for ULD (“saco”), a full 747 payload will pass from tarmac through warehouse and onto trucks in less than four hours.
  • Super expedited customs clearance service.
  • Sophisticated trucking capabilities including reefer trailers with high insulation value (FRC certified), dual temperature trailers and GPS communication between driver and dispatch (position & temp. data).
  • Top tier door-to-door service or pickup and drop off services across the US and Europe.

Since our airline crew, ground handling agent, sales and operations all sit in single location they enjoy an extremely close relationship, for the benefit of our customers. Shared interfaces, sources or information means excellent control over shipments.

Our professionals accompany you every step of the way with complete transparency: from booking to storage, shipment and surface transport up to the arrival of your cargo at its final destination.