CAL Auto

For the Auto Industry – Cars, Car Parts & More

From our inception in 1976, cars and car parts were one of the founding products of the fledgling airline.

During the early years, flying mainly on the TLV-CGN-TLV line, it was common to see aircraft packed full with cars only, moving as many as 3,000 a month, including innovative use of early generation car racks.

In addition, large scale amounts of spare parts from the major producers was part and parcel of our loads,

as well as the frequent VOR shipments.

In today’s environment, there is constant demand to move cars and auto-industry cargo around the world, from proto-types going for testing in extreme conditions, cars for exhibitions, racing events, and high-value personal cars.

With our accumulated experience, we are able to provide a quality product for an extremely demanding clientele. We have the infrastructure that meets the requirement of confidentiality, safety, and performance.

With factories in the EU supplying parts for the auto industry in the USA, and vice-versa, the demand for this traffic is ever increasing, and CAL, with daily capacity on the Trans-Atlantic routes, is in prime position to offer the reliability that the market demands.


Why Choose CAL Auto


  • Over 40 years’ experience in vehicles transportation
  • Tremendously fast response time
  • IOSA certification

Infrastructure & equipment:

  • Isolated, secure and protected storage zone
  • High-security clearance
  • Sophisticated tracking capabilities with advanced air suspension reduce the potential for damage to sensitive calibrations
  • Dedicated SOP for air and ground transportation
  • De-palletizing can be done at the final destination
  • We accept any certified Car-Racks for B747-400
  • Car Racks can be leased through CAL

Special services:

  • Dedicated escort monitors cargo 24/7
  • 3rd party surveyor available on request
  • We guarantee tremendously fast response times, including “must ride” service, expedited customs clearance and transit time when needed