CAL Engines: for the safe transportation of airplane engines.

CAL Cargo successfully transports hundreds of engines around the world every year and has tremendous experience with every size and type of aircraft engine.  CAL Engines leverages our fleet of 747-400’s original freighters, which can accommodate even the largest engine. And since we are qualified to deal with dangerous goods, we also service non-purged engines.

We provide a safe and protected corridor from point of origin to point of destination, including pickup through ground transportation, ground handling & storage, air freight and delivery via road feeder services. CAL Engines covers every aspect and point in the transport with a dedicated SOP per engine type, including loading, unloading, aircraft and RFS.

Our fleet of 747-400’s can accommodate even the largest engine, and since our airline crew, ground handling agent, sales and operations all sit in single location and share interfaces, sources and information, they work in-synch providing excellent control and coordination of transport and delivery.


The CAL Advantage


  • Almost 40 years’ experience in complex and non-standard shipments.
  • Tremendously fast response time
  • IOSA certification

Infrastructure & equipment:

  • Isolated, secure and protected storage zone
  • High security clearance
  • Sophisticated trucking capabilities with advanced air suspension reduce the potential for damage to sensitive calibrations.
  • Dedicated SOP for air and ground transportation, per engine type.

Special services:

  • Dedicated escort monitors cargo 24/7.
  • 3rd party surveyor available on request.
  • Non-purged engines.
  • For AOG cases, we guarantee tremendously fast response times, including “must ride” service, expedited customs clearance and transit time.