Live Animals

Over the past 10 years, CAL has transported almost half a million live animals all over the world. 

From poultry to exotic animals, family pets to thoroughbred horses, livestock to bees we have the experience, team and tools to take care of your live animal cargo.

The safe transportation of Live Animals as air cargo is based on controlling three environmental factors:  Temperature, Humidity level and Cargo compartment carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration.   Each type of animal has unique environmental requirements that must be taken into consideration for optimal health.

To ensure the health of the Live Animals, proper ECS settings, animal handling, packaging and loading procedures must be used:

  • Airplane ECS control setting (Environmental Control System)
  • Animal physiology
  • Airport and en route environments
  • Ground handling
  • Strict adherence to IATA regulations
  • Dedicated SOP’s and check lists


Why choose CAL?


  • 37 years of experience handling live animal cargo including
    • Horses
    • Cattle: Cows, Calves, Heifers, Sheep, Pigs
    • Exotic animals: Lions, Giraffe, Eagles, Puma, Buffalo, Camel
    • Others: Family pets, exotic fish, poultry, bees, birds
    • Dedicated key personnel in each station
  • A/C parks in front of the warehouse at all stations = minimum tarmac time
  • Reserved space for multiple grooms/escorts of live animals at CAL stations and on board CAL flights
  • LACHS – Our ground handling experts
    • Centrally located in the “gold triangle” of Europe, between Germany, Holland, France
    • State of the art temperature controlled warehouse
    • Dedicated trained personnel
    • Indoors loading abilities of livestock
    • State of the art quarantine
    • Fast service
    • 24/7 operation
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