CAL BIG: for oversize & overweight goods

For almost four decades we’ve been shipping cargo that’s “too heavy”, “too wide” or “too long”.  With a full arsenal of special equipment we are uniquely prepared to overcome any nonstandard challenge.

We know what we’re doing, and we’ve shipped unusual cargo all around the world.  From whales to turbines. Helicopters to yachts to electric poles. Bus chassis to deluxe automobiles, MRPV’s (Mini Remote Piloted Vehicles) to UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

Owners of Europe’s only 52 tons high loader, a fleet of open nose and door 747 400’s and other tools, our load maestros are experts in repositioning for maximum loading capacity.

CAL is the first all-cargo airline to receive the IOSA certification – IATA Operational Safety Audit, the highest safety certification in the aviation safety.

Why Choose CAL?

  • Fast & creative solutions
  • 24/7 engineering response time and planning
  • 20’ loading systems on all aircraft
  • Nose door loading capability on all aircraft
  • 52 tons high loader – only one in Europe
  • Highly trained and experienced load masters
  • Repositioning ability of loading equipment as needed
  • Strict build up and loading procedures for Non Standard cargo are defined in the company’s ALM & GOP
  • Compliance with IATA AHM & Boeing loading manuals
  • Special permit arrangement and escort for ground transportation
Our non standard cargo process
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