CAL VAL: for the safe transportation of artwork and valuable cargo

Valuable cargo is defined by IATA as goods valued at over $1,000USD per kilo.   This commonly includes jewels, cash, medical equipment, bank documentation, high couture fashion, but mostly precious artwork.

Ideal for private art collectors, museum curators and auction houses, as well as specialist freight divisions dealing with valuable cargo, CAL VAL offers safe and quick transportation with personal service for each and every customer.

The CAL Advantage:

  • Infrastructure & Security
    • Minimal tarmac time: Across our entire chain our fleet is parked right on the “waterline”, just in front of our warehouse (10-30meters).
    • Temperature controlled rooms
    • Warehouse observed by CC cameras at all times
    • Internal security services provided by CAL’s security team
    • Sniffing dogs
  • Special services
    • Dedicated escort monitors cargo 24/7. Escort provided by a neutral, locally based company located in Liege Airport, Mobull Art Packers.
    • Personal escort on board flight (on request)
    • Expedited customs clearance
    • Secure and armored road feeder services
    • Cooperation with leading secured transportation providers
    • Extended insurance package available (on request)
  • Tracking & reporting
    • Real time tracking, including SMS updates on cargo location
    • GPS tracking device can be attached to goods
    • Checklist and SOP subject to product
  • Able to provide special charter services