Charter Services

Since 1976, CAL has operated innumerable Charter, carrying every description of cargo. 

Never afraid to meet a challenge, we are ready when you need us most. This is not just a catch phrase, but a proven skill that is an important part of our business culture. We have never let objective conditions keep us from competing with the larger carriers in the market, using flexibility and imagination to our advantage. Indeed, we have a proven track record with cargo that other carriers would not carry, or getting better utilization through imaginative and innovative planning.

CAL operates Charters world-wide, offering solutions to a wide variety of clients, from charter brokers, to shippers, forwarders, other airlines.

Our team of experienced load masters and ground operations personnel are there to find solutions to the customer’s needs, thinking out of the box to meet any feasible requirement. Our quick reactions to urgent requests enable to move urgent cargo on short notice, from A.O.G. engines and parts, relief goods and Humanitarian needs, oil drilling and other time-sensitive shipments. We are front and center to offer reliable service across the spectrum of potential clients.

Being the first all-cargo carrier to pass the IOSA audit in 2010, has the versatility and capability to improve without compromising safety.

  • Nearly forty years of cargo-only means that we know what we are doing
  • Willing to think out of the box to provide solutions
  • Innovative enough to be the first B747 operator, world-wide, at unique destinations