Ground Handling

Across our entire chain, we offer ground handling services with special equipment and the infrastructure to handle special cargo needs including perishables, pharmaceuticals, live animals, dangerous goods, oversize and overweight goods.   

In Europe we are supported by LACHS (Liege Air Cargo Handling Services) our wholly owned ground handling agent located in Liege Airport, Belgium. In the rest of the world these services are handled through world-leading partners such as Lufthansa and Swissport.

At Liege, we own and maintain a state-of-the-art facility with advanced and highly automated amenities for all varieties of cargo including a temperature controlled warehouse, high security clearance, a 52-ton highloader (the largest in Europe) and a unique infrastructure that enables incredibly fast unloading and transport from airplane to market.  

Across our entire chain, our ground handling services include:

  • Dedicated and skilled ground handling personnel at each station.
  • In-person supervision by warehouse master – breakdown, transfer, on & off-loading.
  • Expedited processing of documentation and customs clearance.
  • As each station, our fleet is parked right on the “waterline”, just in front of our warehouse (10-30meters) meaning exposure of temperature sensitive shipments to the tarmac is minimal.